Endurance Energy Drink – Single Sachet


Main Features:
For Use Before and During Excercise
– Superior 3 Step Energy Delivery
– Raise and Sustain Energy Levels
– Enhance Endurance
– Prevent Dehydration
– Aid Recovery
– Stabilise Blood Sugar During Exercise
– Promote Mental Vitality and Concentration
– No Side Effects
– Subtle Taste (Flavourless)
– Allergen Free, GMO Free
​- Acid Free

– Free from Artificial Ingredients

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Enduren Endurance Energy Drink is a high performance completely natural carbohydrate supplement for the serious and recreational athlete. Specifically designed to raise energy levels, enhance endurance, prevent dehydration and aid recovery, it enables you to train effectively, recover better and race faster. The unique blend of multiple natural carbohydrates deliver a stepped energy release (slow, medium and fast release) improving gastric emptying rate and fluid absorption, raising energy levels and stabilising blood sugar during exercise. Mental vitality and concentration is promoted via the supply of glucose, which is a primary brain fuel. Enduren is exceptionally palatable, the difference between pure water and Enduren mix barely noticeable during strenuous physical exercise, with the effect that it is easy to drink continuously even during long events. The natural composition of Enduren prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions like gastro intestinal upset, mucus build-up, tight chest as well as cramping, often caused by additives in sports / endurance /energy drinks.

Consuming Enduren before exercise builds up the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver. This, combined with consuming Enduren during exercise, improves performance and delays the onset of fatigue and cramping. Consuming Enduren after exercise raises energy, assists re-hydration and rebuilding of glycogen stores, thus promoting recovery. Non-athletes can also use Enduren to raise and sustain energy levels during normal everyday work and leisure.

Fat Free, Sucrose Free, Proprietary Natural Carbohydrate Blend. No preservatives, colourants or flavourants
Energy: 1550Kj/100g;  Carbohydrates: 94g/100g

Consume 1 to 2 litres of Enduren, in addition to a carbohydrate rich diet, during the 2 to 3 days leading up to the event. For loading and recovery you can flavour the mix with your favourite fruit juice. Make sure you are not fructose intolerant before applying this during exercise. Up to 80% of people are to some degree fructose intolerant even in the presence of glucose or glucose based carbs.

Day of Event:

Pre Event: Prime your gut by consuming 400ml of Enduren in the 30 minutes leading up to the start. (As you get used to this routine you can bring it down to the last 15 minutes). A number of athletes have trained their gut to successfully tolerate a more concentrated mix of 5 heaped scoops on 400ml for this pre race serving. (This is a 16% Carb solution).
During Event: Consume 500 to 750 ml Enduren per hour.
Post Event: Consume 750ml to 1.5l of Enduren within 30 min of end of event. Alternatively use Enduren Recover which replaces glycogen but also supplies protein to repair muscle damage and boosts the immune system.
Enduro MTB Riding: If you ride with a small bottle on the bike and a hydration pack then make a concentrated Enduren mix in your bottle and use plain water in your hydration pack. (Enduren’s subtle taste allows you to make a very concentrated mix that is still easy to consume.)
Ironman / Ultra Distance Events: Some ultra distance athletes prefer to take a very concentrated mix in one bottle and water in a second bottle. (Enduren’s subtle taste allows you to make a very concentrated mix that is still easy to consume.)

1 Sachet Enduren makes 1 800ml bottles. Athletes are different and therefore some prefer a more concentrated mix and some a less concentrated mix, which will obviously influence the number of servings.

Detailed ingredients list and nutritional information appears on the label or email us for more info.