Natural Energy Bars – Oats Cocoa


Oat-Cocoa Energy Bar
– Natural real food ingredients
– Superior sustained energy
– Great tasting
– Artisan made in small batches
– Natural and thus Free from artificial ingredients
– Easy to open and eat during exercise

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The first variant of Enduren’s all natural energy bars is the Enduren Oat Cocoa Energy Bar. All bars are preservative free, colourant free, flavourant free and free of other chemicals. Main ingredients will include whole oats, barley, rice, nuts, seeds, fruit etc. Watch our facebook page for launch dates etc.

Enduren’s Artisan Made, All Natural, Oat Cocoa Energy bar provides sustained energy from seven different whole natural ingredients. Like our other products, we aim to provide the consumer with healthy and superior energy delivery from wholesome natural ingredients. Energy delivery comes from a wide variety of complex carbohydrates present in the raw products, a small amount of naturally occurring fructose and glucose and MCT’s from coconut. MCTs are fat that the body use immediately as energy – almost as fast as glucose but through different pathways with out insulin involvement, this delivers additional energy over and above the energy delivered by carbohydrates. They are easy to chew and digest, and taste really great. A small amount of naturally occurring protein assists in prevention of muscle breakdown.

The Oat-Cocoa bars are free from: preservatives, colourants, flavourants, chemical additives, wheat and dairy.The bars contain a wide spectrum of naturally occurring trace minerals and vitamins found in the raw ingredients. These assist in athletic performance and strengthening of the immune system and include: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Folic Acid, Choline, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Lutein + zeaxanthin. They are also an excellent option for a healthy snack during a normal work day or breakfast when you are short of time.

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